Can I save money by removing the engagement session from a collection? The engagement session is complimentary meaning it does not cost you anything. By removing this session, you will not save money. It is a free gift and helps you get a feel for my shooting style. Plus it gives us a chance to meet and have fun!

 How long does it take to receive my photos & how many can I expect? My contract says 4-6 weeks. I will post sneak peeks on my Facebook page and Instagram within a couple days after your wedding. I also will give you a small gallery of around 50 images that highlight your day. I am just as excited to share them with you as you are to see them – I won’t keep you hanging!  I deliver on average 100 images per hour I am hired.

   May I have the RAW/unedited images? When you go to a store to purchase a DVD, do you expect to get the unedited footage from the company? No! You get the finalized product. It is their finished piece, their own style that made the movie appeal to you in the first place. This is exactly how my editing ways are to my images. Sealed and signed by my personal touch!

 Are you willing to travel for a destination wedding? Heck YES! Tell me what you are thinking about and we will make it happen!

 Speaking of traveling, where are you located? I currently live in Malmesbury, South Africa!

 What equipment do you use? What happens if something breaks? I have 2 cameras, a handful of lenses, extra batteries & cards, and 2 flashes I bring with me to the wedding day. So I have a backup for all my gear. All my packages come with a second photographer as well, so I also have a backup to my backups. Bring it on, we are ready for it!