Smith Family - Cindy-Joy and Izak-Andre Smith

The morning was just right, the light was beautiful and soft. The family was ready to update the family album. So off to Gordon’s Bay beach we went.

Taking photos of an 18-month-old toddler is fun, you just allow them to explore and you can get the best and most natural photos. Capturing their essences. While mom was running after Izak-Andre making sure he doesn’t dive headfirst into the sea.

While we got some great photos of mom and toddler, we wanted to update Cindy-Joy’s website with new and fresh photos of her. So that her clients can see who Cindy is. We got some really beautiful natural light photos for her and for her business profile. Head over to her mobile music studio which has just launched a new branch in Malmesbury, South Africa.

Please enjoy the photos, and drop a comment 🙂