Ian and Dale Swanson | Tulbagh

Ian & Dale Swanson | Wedding | Vindoux Guest Farm Tulbagh

The sun glowed softly over the vineyards of the Tulbagh Valley, a faint but refreshing breeze drifting through the luxurious wooden treehouse-style lodge. Inside the lodge, a bride was getting ready in preparation of her big day – the day she would marry the man of her dreams.

We first met Ian and Dale at a coffee shop in the Waterfront, and we instantly saw how they would complement each other. From Dale’s perfectionistic tendencies (she literally brought her MacBook, with spreadsheets and all, to the appointment) to Ian’s “chilled vibes” (beer, anyone?), it was obvious that this beautiful couple were meant to be; and on the day of their wedding, it was as though all of nature showed up to host this couple’s day of Love in the best way possible.

From the wonderful weather to the amazing greenery, this day was perfection itself. At the outside ceremony, delicate white flowers dangled from a tree, encased in light bulbs, as Ian waited somewhat nervously for Dale to arrive. The relaxed yet elegantly dressed guests chattered softly as the time drew near – a faint smell of Lamb spit wafting through the air as a promise of an amazing love feast to come.

And then…the moment. Silence ensued as Dale, a simply adorned yet perfect bride, appeared through the manicured bushes, hair cascading over her shoulders in soft curls – her dress, a precious labour of love by her mother. We must admit that even we felt a bit breathless as we saw the wonderful love and joy emanating from Ian’s face as he watched his true love glide towards him. And then, just a few minutes later, it was done! These two wonderful souls were joined as one – as man and wife.

As the couple went off to have some gorgeous (or, we think so at least) photos taken, the guests helped themselves to tasty hor d’oeuvres and good conversation.

Finally, what would a celebration of Love be without a rocking party? Free beer (good thinking, Ian!), amazing food and, finally, some dancing to polish off a great day – strobe lights included! And to capture it all? Divine Photography, and a retro polaroid camera brought along for instant photos by one of the bridesmaids, which we thought was absolutely awesome!

Thank you, Ian and Dale, for a beautiful day of Love. We really enjoyed capturing the special and unique details of your day, and are really grateful for the way you made our work fun and exciting. We wish you all the best in the years to come, and hope to be able to capture some great couple and (later) family photos as well. Marriage is about sharpening each other and smoothing off the sharp edges, and we know that you guys are going to make a fantastic pair.