Essere Lodge - Tulbagh

Essere Lodge – This weekend we had the privilege of documenting Ian and Dale’s wedding in Tulbagh. For this wedding, my wife and I decided to book into a guest house for the night of the wedding to save us the cost of traveling back to Cape Town where the grandparents were babysitting for the weekend.

while looking around on the internet for a guesthouse to stay in I stumbled upon a little gem hidden in the Tulbagh valley. I went to their website and was blown away with the photos of the rooms, so I immediately booked us in there.

Essere Lodge has been in operations since Oct 2016, but regardless of them only being operational for a short time, they function like a well-oiled machine. We were greeted by Grant who is co-owner of the guesthouse. He made us feel welcomed and at home. While we were checking in, a group of ladies was sitting in the lounge and chatting and relaxing together.

Grant showed us to our room, and nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to see. We took a short walk to the room through a beautiful and rustic garden. We entered the room, and it took our breath away. Crisp white linen, big windows, lots of natural light filling the room. It was as if we had walked into a dream. The bathroom had a steampunk feel to it, with exposed copper pipes and a shower with a view. By that I mean one can see out while taking a refreshing shower. The window in the shower was strategical painted so that only your face and feet can be seen. It was like showering in nature. It was a very freeing feeling.

While we relaxed and got ready for the wedding later that day, we just sat and breathed in the clean air. We sat outside on the patio and listen to the birds in the distances and the wind blowing through the vines that were creeping over the patio. Life was at ease.

After coming back from the wedding in the evening, we took a nice warm shower and got into bed for much-needed rest. We felt at home.

Waking up the next morning was so refreshing, we opened out the curtains and the back door and stayed in bed for a bit. We could smell the land, we could hear the birds. We could feel the morning breeze blow gently over us, as chatted and laugh.

We then went up to the dining area, where breakfast was served. We got a good pot of coffee while sitting on the terrace. We went to go see the selection of fruits and cereals. The fruit salad that they presented was one of the highlights of the morning feast. It was filled with winter melon, blackberries, gooseberries, and a bunch of others. Emma came around and asked if there is something we want from the kitchen, and we had a good plate of eggs, bacon and the best mushrooms we have tasted in a long time.

after breakfast, we talk a walk down to the river that runs by the property and took some personal photos down there.

The couple that was on duty, Grant and Emma, showed us so much love during our stay. Spending time chasing about the wedding industry and life. Leaving Essere Lodge was a sad moment for us, cause we had fallen in love with the people and the place.

But we will be back soon.
Enjoy the photos!

Much love,
Louis and Cindy.

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