Ben and Laura | Engagement Shoot | Tokara

I first met Ben Moskoff when we started planning our mission trip (see photos here) to Kenya in December 2012. He was the guy that did all the finances for the team and made sure that the spreadsheet makes sense. While in Kenya I got to know Ben, he had a dry sense of humor, and he loves to tell a corny joke or two. And even when the jokes got a bit much, there were times that they helped to lift the spirit of the team. I meet Laura through her brother Paolo, who was a groomsman at my wedding, but who also took the trip to Kenya. Cindy knows Laura a bit more, as they went to school together and they performed together in “Little Shop of Horrors”.

They are two special people and we can just witness the love and grace that has been showered upon them. They radiate His goodness and Holiness. We are so excited to be able to document this love story that has developed over years. And finally, all coming together.

We had so much fun while doing the shoot. Both Ben and Laura were game for some fun shots and the photos tell the story of their fun.

Ben and Laura, thanks for allowing us to document your love, and we hope you love the pictures.


Louis and Cindy.