Smith Family – Cindy-Joy Smith and Izak-Andre Smith

The morning was just right, the light was beautiful and soft. The family was ready to update the family album. So off to Gordon's Bay beach we went. Taking photos of an 18-month-old toddler is fun, you just allow them to explore and you can get the best and most...
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Ian & Dale Swanson | Wedding | Vindoux Guest Farm Tulbagh

Ian & Dale Swanson | Wedding | Vindoux Guest Farm Tulbagh The sun glowed softly over the vineyards of the Tulbagh Valley, a faint but refreshing breeze drifting through the luxurious wooden treehouse-style lodge. Inside the lodge, a bride was getting ready in...
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Ben and Laura | Engagement Shoot | Tokara

I first met Ben Moskoff when we started planning our mission trip (see photos here) to Kenya in December 2012. He was the guy that did all the finances for the team and made sure that the spreadsheet makes sense. While in Kenya I got to know Ben, he had a dry sense of...
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Osato Family | Lourensford Estate

I got to know the Osato family when I got teamed up with Paolo to go and explore Kenya in December 2012. I was then giving the privilege of taking his picture at his 21st birthday. Over the years, I have gotten to know the whole family. What a special family they are....
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Baby Jana Joubert | Baby Shoot

I meet Jakes Joubert while interning at the church office. He is a fun lovable person. Soon after we meet he was set to marry the beautiful Joanet. They had asked me to do their wedding video, so we had the great honour to witness their amazing day. Our friendship...
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